RStudio Server

My father, Ben Anderson plays with numbers. As his Twitter bio says “big data, small data, open data, any data”. He works with R a lot and has been persuading me to take a look at it. I’ve held off until now because I’m all for analysing data in real time (primarily using delightful JS libraries such as Chart.js and D3.js). As far as I understood it, R is geared towards static data analysis and because of that, is able to utilise the hardware it runs on to optimise computations. Dad has an SSD in his Mac which reduces the time to load data substantially, but he also makes use of the R package data.table. This library makes manipulation of data ridiculously fast as it stores it all in RAM.

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Creating an OS X Installer

I recently had to create an installer for an AppleScript app (I know but I couldn’t be bothered to learn Swift and the craziness of Xcode) and it drove me round the twist looking for a decent tutorial that I could understand so that I could create my installer.

This post is primarily a reference for me but as it will need to be pretty basic for me to understand, maybe someone else will be able to follow it too.

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RAM Card Fun

My ageing hand-me-down MacBook (late 2007 – 1GB RAM) has been serving me well – it ended it’s OS X life in the Autumn of last year and has been running Linux Mint 17 ever since – we call it the MintBook. Linux has been a saviour. Making the shift was easy enough (having used GNU/Linux before – mainly in Raspberry Pis and web servers), the ease of software development has been greatly improved (bar Xcode of course!) and it has basically resurrected an almost dead laptop.

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