Getting a bit bored with logging in as ‘Pi’ or ‘root’? Want to make your pudding more personal?

Adding Users

1. Add your user:

sudo adduser finnian

Enter the password that you want your user to have (twice!)

Fill in the fields (optional – just press enter if you don’t want to fill them in!)

2. Done!

2-1. Do you want your user to be able to use sudo?:

sudo visudo

Now, find the line:


2-2. And add underneath:

finnian ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL

2-3. Check it’s worked!:

Logout of your system (logout)

Then login again using your new username and password.

Then try to edit your ‘pistore.desktop’ file:

sudo nano pistore.desktop

Does it work?

It will probably prompt you for your password, let it have it!

(Just make sure you don’t change anything in that file, YOU NOW HAVE THE POWER*!)

Make sure you exit the file: CTRL+X

Removing Users

To remove a user (but not all it’s files):

sudo deluser finnian

To remove a user AND it’s home directory:

sudo deluser -remove-home finnian

You’re all done!

*Giving your user access to ‘sudo’ will allow them to execute ANY command on your machine – use it wisely!


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