Access your Pi from anywhere!

Wouldn’t that be useful? You could access all of your files and all of your Pi’s services from ANYWHERE on the planet. E.g. webcam stream, on-the-go Arduino programming, file storage etc. And best of all, no need for port forwarding!

Your options for this are:
Port Forwarding… Most dads don’t like this
VPN – of which there are several, but LogMeIn is the only free one that I could find which works well.

We are going to use something called a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Essentially, what this does is make it like your Pi is sitting right next to you.

(1) First of all, you’ll need to setup an account with LogMeIn. After this, sign in.

(2) Then you’ll need to ‘Add a network’. Give it a meaningful name and make it a ‘Mesh’. This allows all of the clients to get to each other. In the next step, make join requests ‘Must be approved’ and set a network password (optional).
Make it free! Now write down the network ID (click ‘My Networks’ and then on the network – there will be a 9 digit ID).

(2.2) If you already have clients set up in LogMeIn, then you can add them now. Otherwise, just click Finish.

(3) Now we need to add clients! Simply click ‘My Networks’ and then ‘Add client’. Choose where to install LogMeIn Hamachi. This is to be for the computer that you want to access the Pi from. On the next step, select which network(s) you want the client to be able to access. Last step, copy the link or send it to the computer you want to be able to access the Pi from. Click the link on that computer and follow the instructions.

(4) Pi time! Go to your Pi and run these commands to install LogMeIn Hamachi:
sudo dpkg -I logmein-hamachi_2.1.0.68-1_armel.deb

(5) Next we need to connect your Pi to LogMeIn:
sudo hamachi login
sudo hamachi attach
sudo hamachi set-nick a_meaningful_nickname

(6) Now head over to LogMeIn on the computer and you will see a join request! Approve it!

(7) Go back to the Pi and type in:
sudo hamachi do-join the-network-id-you-wrote-down

Go to LogMeIn and find the IP address of your Pi (probably Enter this into PuTTy (Windows) / Terminal (OSX) or, if you’re running a webserver on the Pi, your web browser.

P.S. To access the Pi from a mobile device (iOS/Android) go to and then add another client. Make it a mobile device and then send the file to the device (via email). Open it on the device and turn on the VPN.


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